COWin App | Features, Usage : Indian Corona Vaccine Self Registration Online, Download Info

The world is fighting with COVID-19, everyone in the world is waiting for the corona vaccine. Finally, there is good news for India. India has developed the covid vaccine and this will help to cure the person infected from COVID Virus. Our honorable prime minister has conveyed a message through video conferencing that the vaccine will be available soon. However, initially it will not be easy to get the vaccine, but through the introduction of “CO-WIN” application, applicant can register themselves for the vaccination.

Latest Update-: India has now started giving its first set of Covid-19 vaccine, health minister Harsh Vardhan said while emphasizing the need for an expeditious vaccination drive to cover the priority population, estimated at around 30 crore.

In this article we will be discussing about the “CO-WIN” application Features, Usage : Indian Corona Vaccine Self Registration Online, Download Information and much more.

The application will help to collect the vaccination data also through registering in the application, citizens can get enrolled for the vaccination. There are basically 5 modules on which the CO-WIN Application functions.

  1. Administrator Module
  2. Registration Module
  3. Vaccination Module
  4. Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module
  5. Report Module

Do have a look over the 5 modules on which the CO-WIN application functions.

Administrator Module in CO-Win PlatformThe main authority will have the access of this module. The module will provide the details of the vaccination session and other details. Common man have nothing to do with this module.
Co-Win App Registration ModuleThe name of the module clears its works. The module will be for common man and through this module they can easily register in the CO-WIN application, once it is available for common man.
Vaccination ModuleThe data which has been filled by the common man will be examined and thus, the vaccination planning will be set up by the authority. The total number of beneficiaries enrolling for vaccination will be known through this module
Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module
Under this module the information will be verified and SMS will be sent to the beneficiaries regarding the vaccination.
Report ModuleThe final report module will help to collect the data of the beneficiaries which will tell how many people have been vaccinated/ are to be vaccinated.

This is how the CO-WIN Application works. Through the table provided above, applicants can have the overview of the application. Read below to know more about the application.

COVID-19 Vaccine Operational Guidelines

The following important guidelines have been provided by the authority for public interest. Please read the COVID-19 Vaccine Operational Guidelines.

  1. The option of spot registration for availing the COVID Vaccination is not available.
  2. The beneficiary have to provide various information to register for vaccination.
  3. The vaccination authority will monitor the patient for 30 minutes after the vaccine is injected to the patient.
  4. The vaccination team will be a five member team which will be planned for 100 beneficiaries per day
  5. There will be three separate rooms for the patient – one for waiting, one for observation, and one for the inoculation.
  6. If the session site has adequate logistics and space available, one more vaccinator officer can be added to create a session for 200 beneficiaries.  

Read the press note issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Co-Win COVID 19 Vaccine Online Self Registration : Process

Currently, the application is not available. However, the application will be available soon. We will be intimating you about the release of the online registration application for availing COVID Vaccination.

The details and step for registration will be provided after the application is released for public interest. Do have frequent visit to the page to know about the latest update for Co-Win COVID 19 Vaccine Online Self Registration.

What is Co-Win application?

To monitor and deliver corona vaccination, the Union Health Ministry of India has developed a platform called Co-win. Through registration in the application, applicants can avail the vaccine.

How to download the application?

The application will be available for both, android and ios. Applicant can easily get it from their app store/playstore.

What are the list of documents required for registration?

Including the election ID, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport and pension document, 12 documents are required for the registration.

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